May, 2023

Laura Amsel
The Ring

Robert Baylot
Redbird on a Limb

Laurel Benjamin
Oracle for Normalites
The whalebone corset and the bustle

Les Bohem
The Gibson L-1

Jonathan Cohen
The Biology of Failure
The Shrine at Auriesville

Jon Davis
Ed Grimley Accepts a Poetry Prize
Memory During a Pandemic

Bart Edelman
The Pied Piper

Robert Estes
Firenze Ciao 1984

Sid Gold
Lucky, Lucky Me

Richard Hedderman
Canticle for the New Moon

Brady Kamphenkel

Lynne Kemen
Like a Sycamore

R. Nikolas Macioci
What Happened at the Chateau

James Miller
I Have a Goodly Heritage

Irene Mitchell
Stars to Earth: Over

Paul Nelson
The Far Bank

Frederick Pollack

Mary Rohrer-Dann
Epiphany in the Digital Age

Cade Rose
Recipe for Homesickness

Kashiana Singh
Catalogue of Frozen Memories
Instructing a Yoga Class

Orchid Tierney
From all our names are kin: a field guide to future flora

T.N. Turner
Willows, Etc.