Stone Poetry Quarterly (formerly known as Stone Poetry Journal) is an online poetry journal that publishes poems ranging from the visceral to the cerebral across a full scope of human experience and awareness. We prefer to publish poems that present a diversity of contemporary perspectives and are well-crafted, artistic explorations of language, subject, and image. When appropriate, we nominate for The Pushcart Prize.

We are closed for submissions until December 1, 2022.

We highly recommend that potential contributors read one of our past issues of Stone Poetry Journal to have a sense of the sorts of poetry we publish.

Stone Poetry Quarterly publishes online four times a year.

Our four reading periods are:

September 1 – through October 31 (November publishing date)

December 1 – January 31 (February publishing date)

March 1 – April 30 (May publishing date)

June 1 – July 31 (August publishing date)

Decisions regarding work submitted to Stone Poetry Quarterly are communicated within seven days following submission. See Submission Guidelines page.

Please read our Submission Guidelines page, carefully, before submitting your work for editorial evaluation. Work that does not adhere to our guidelines will not be published.

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