Submission Guidelines

Stone is currently closed to submissions.

Stone publishes poetry ranging from the visceral to the cerebral across a full scope of human experience and awareness. Stone prefers to publish poems that present a diversity of contemporary perspectives and are well-crafted, artistic explorations of language, subject, and image.

  1. All poems must be left-justified. Centered poems will not be considered. For reasons of formatting, we may not be able to reproduce, exactly, poems that contain unconventional spacing or especially long lines. We will do our best, but we ask that authors of work be accommodating, as well.
  2. No shock poems, please. There is one Bukowski and one Rollins, and that is enough.
  3. Stone is not a venue for concrete or overtly avant-garde poetry.
  4. Subtly-metered verse may be acceptable, depending, but no rhyming, please.
  5. Submissions must not have been published, previously, in any form, including private blogs, FB, social, electronic, or traditional media.
  6. We strongly encourage potential contributors to read through our first issue to have a sense of the sorts of poetry we publish.

How to submit work to Stone:

1. Submit up to five poems via a single word doc. attachment, no PDFs, to:

2. Do not indicate your name or any other identifying information in your word doc. submission. This should appear in your cover letter.

3. Please include, in the body of an e-mail, a simple cover letter addressed to Editor of Stone.

4: The subject of your email should be:

Your name, followed by the titles of your poems.

5. Do NOT include a bio. If your work is accepted, we will ask for one.

6. We accept simultaneous submissions, but please let us know immediately if work is accepted, elsewhere, so that we may remove it from our further consideration.

We consider submissions during two reading periods:

FIRST READING PERIOD: August 1 – October 31.

SECOND READING PERIOD: February 1 – April 30.

Work received outside of these two reading periods will be discarded, unread.

We publish online twice a year in November and May.
Our response time is usually around two weeks.

If you have not received a reply after two weeks, please contact us at the same email address:

Please submit only once during any given reading period.

If your work is rejected, please wait six months before submitting, again.

If your work is accepted, please wait one full publishing cycle after your work has appeared before submitting again. For example, if your work was published in volume two, please wait until the reading period for volume four to submit, again. We do this in order to help ensure a diversity of authors.

A note about letters of acknowledgement, acceptance, and rejection:
They are form letters. Everyone receives the same letters, regardless of relative fame or stature within the literary community at-large. (We want to decide based upon the work, itself, rather than a bio. This is why we don’t want submitters to send bios in their submission.)

This is our letter of acknowledgment:

Dear [Submitter’s Name],
Thank you for submitting your work to Stone.
Our editors will evaluate it and will respond with a decision in about two weeks.

Often, we will send this letter before sending a letter of acceptance or rejection. However, sometimes, we can respond right away, in which case, we will send you either a letter of acceptance or a letter of rejection — sometimes within 24 hours. Although this rapid turn-around may shock some — especially if it’s a letter of rejection — we prefer to think of it as not wanting to keep our submitters waiting any longer than necessary.

This is our letter of acceptance:

Dear [Submitter’s Name],

Congratulations! The editors at Stone would like to publish your poem(s) [Title of poem or poems] in our [number] issue. Please let us know if this is acceptable to you. Please also send us a bio of 100 wds or fewer with whatever information including publications and/or links.

Most often, acceptance depends on how well the submitted material fits with the aesthetic and level of content of the journal. This is why we highly encourage submitters to read our first issue and to follow our submission guidelines.

This is our letter of rejection:

Dear [Submitter’s Name],

Thank you for allowing the editors of Stone to read your work. Although we have decided not to publish your submissions, we wish you success in placing them elsewhere.

Rejections are not always a reflection of the submitter’s perceived ability as a writer. As mentioned, previously, the submitted material may simply not be a fit for Stone. To repeat: This is why we highly encourage submitters to read our first issue and to follow our submission guidelines.

Although the number of submissions we receive prohibits us from providing much in the way of feedback for submitters, we assure you that your work will be read, thoroughly, and that our responses will always be respectful, and to the point. No nastiness. Ever.

Unfortunately, we are unable to pay accepted contributors for their work. Stone is a labor of love. We’re not getting any money, either.

If your work is accepted at Stone, you agree to grant us First North American Serial Rights, all archival rights, plus the rights to reprint in any future anthologies. Upon publication all rights revert back to the author. You agree that if your poem/s subsequently appears elsewhere (in print or online), you will give first publishing credit to Stone.