Robert Estes

Firenze Ciao 1984

The woman whose lips
went smack smack to me
when she saw me
looking at her as she
walked into my sight
and on past
me at my outdoor table
that fine morning

Wish I could tell her
I remember her
when she was young


Robert Estes, who lives in Somerville, Massachusetts, got his PhD in Physics at UC Berkeley and had some interesting times using physics, notably on a couple of US-Italian Space Shuttle missions. His poems have been published by Cola Literary Review, The Moth, Gargoyle, Slant: A Journal of Poetry, Tipton Poetry Journal, Blue Unicorn, Masque & Spectacle, Constellations, Alba: A Journal of Short Poetry, inScribe, Loch Raven Review, and the anthology Moving Images: Poetry Inspired by Cinema, plus a few others.