Cade Rose

Recipe for Homesickness

Whenever you make French toast,
always make sure to add
a little bit of maple syrup
to the mix. It enhances
the flavor in the same way
the cinnamon, the vanilla,
and the milk does. The maple
seeps deep into the bread;
the richness of New England
sap soaks into an otherwise
bland breakfast option:
transforming what is ordinary
into something extraordinary.

I’m a little biased here, though.
It might be my Massachusetts
talking. It might be that
I can’t leave home, even
when I’m already
not there.


Cade Rose is an undergraduate Philosophy student at Bates College from Boston, Massachusetts. His work is forthcoming in the Northern New England Review and his undergraduate college’s own Snaggletooth Magazine. Outside of his studies and poetry writing, he fills up his time with his love of sports, arts and music, and most importantly, being with the people around him. Upon graduation, he plans to move to Brooklyn, New York, where he will be pursuing many of these interests, such as his poetry.