T.N. Turner

Willows, Etc.

Willows, I fear,
will win in the end.

Until August,
no one questioned them;
by then, too late, it appears.

You’d think the spot safe enough—
covered with rocks;

Nothing stops seeds
when they drop regulation free
except for gravity.


T.N. Turner is a retired IT professional living in China. Over the last 35 years, Mr. Turner says he developed a unique, deceptively simple, non-workshopped style of poetry characterized as “Organic Naturalism.” “Willows, Etc.,” he says (like all his poetry) is about nature, good & evil. Among publications, his poems appeared in Hayden’s Ferry Review; Soundings East; Plainsongs; MacGuffin; Chattahoochee Review; Wisconsin Academy Review; The Chaffin Journal; Texas Review; and two poems pending publication in Main Street Rag. For readers intrigued by “Willows, Etc.,” Mr. Turner recommends his poem “Private Conversation” published online in Green Hills Literary Lantern (July 2022).