November, 2022

Catherine Arra
Her Feral Child

Jessica Barksdale
Catch It
Vancouver Lake, Washington

Eric Braude
A History of Transportation

RC deWinter

Linda Trott Dickman
Walking on Water

John Dorroh
In Need of Swallowing Stars
After Not Quite Recovering from Gall Bladder Surgery
after Dorianne Laux

Arvilla Fee
Just for the Night

D. Walsh Gilbert
The Ars Poetica of the Friesian
The Time of Balance

Kasha Martin Gauthier

Cordelia M. Hanemann
Shear Madness: An Existential Dilemma

Karen Luke Jackson
While Waiting for Heart Surgery

Gunilla Kester
The Verbless

Martha Landman
Find the Happy Trap
On the Farm at Bela-Bela
Sunday School Camp at Thathe Vondo, the Holy Forest

Courtney Mandryk
Oxygen Tank

Suzanne Morris
Oswald’s Coffin — December 2014

Rich Murphy
A Gander
Thick Glasses

Michael Passafiume.
Beware of Dog
there should be nothing here I don’t remember…
after Looking for the Gulf Motel by Richard Blanco

Dustin Pickering
Socratic Dialogue
Solitude’s Edge

Sarath Reddy
The Woman Who Swallowed Her Heart

Michael Salcman
Bye Bye Love — i.m. Don Everly (1937-2021)

Lauren Scharhag
Faded Ink
Night Shades

Margaret D. Stetz
Bird Brain
Cherry Bomb

Jim Tilley
It’s Time to Talk
The Two Owls

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