Kasha Martin Gauthier


i eat earth, leave behind
earth. one on to the other.
nothing has changed, but earth.
what once was ahead,
is now tasted and felt. earth moves
through me. i move my world
with the force of my body,
the drive of my hunger. my entire
world is changed, end to end.
after i devour my entire world, what’s left
behind me, is lighter: ready
for the gardener, ready to be held.
and i, am ready- finally-
not for what’s next,
not what’s ahead.
i’m ready to return
to where i once played
but could no longer remember.
i had erased the past, obscured
the future, until i couldn’t see
anything. Now, i remember.
i come from where gravity suspends.
i remember.
i come from water.
i come from salt.
i come from heat; from sun-
that turns me from within.
i come from where earth, moves.


Kasha Martin Gauthier lives outside Boston with her family. A member of PoemWorks: The Workshop for Publishing Poets, Kasha’s work has appeared in Pangyrus, Constellations, The Healing Muse, Slipstream, and Soundings East. Kasha’s poetry is informed by her family dynamics, upbringing in New Hampshire, and careers in business and cybersecurity.