February, 2023

Rick Christiansen
The Gods Are Too Loud

Susan Michele Coronel
A girl’s life
Mother, Can You Hear Me?
Ode to Self-Love after 50

Joann Deiudicibus
The Naming

Steve Fay
One Dance

Laura Goldin
Why We Decide to Have Two Beers Apiece, and Chocolate Cake, in Princeton on a Tuesday Night

David Hanlon
Bird/Origami Bird/Leaf

Richard Holinger
Places of Seed

Molly Lynde
Dear Colleague
Geography Lessons, 10th Arrondissement, Paris

Ronna Magy
Long View

Michael Mintrom

Steve Noyes
Myron and Father

Charles A. Perrone
Testimony Taken

Lex Runciman
Common Murres
“Send These, The Homeless, Tempest-Tost, to Me”
Walk Out of Conventional Time’s Distress

Agnes Vojta

Maryfrances Wagner
Hugh Jones
Third Hour Grammar Exercises

Patricia Walsh
Bullet Points

Dan Wiencek
I Would Be an Ally to You
Tell Me Something about You No One Else Knows

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