Charles A. Perrone

Testimony Taken

The manifest man who stole my spinning heart
was not a good-looking film-worthy bicycle thief
but something along the lines of a stealer of signs
not a baserunner having swiped second base now
staring at the flashing digits of a concerned catcher
ready to relay some deciphered fingerings to a batter
yet instead a literal bandit of any available signage
loose street signalization or no-trespassing warnings
folding real-estate advertisements on the corner
all apt objects not secured and subject to piracy
an array of rob-and-knob things forming a cohort
of shared origins lined up along a backyard fence
to show off ultra-concise wordings as clues
and suggest stories evincing cues in conflict
the most pressing of which are the whereabouts
of the pilfered organ of lifeblood that once was mine.


Charles A. Perrone. Born in the Empire State, New York. Grew up in the Golden State, California. Last studied in the Lone Star State, Texas. Worked in the Sunshine State, Florida. Returned to the West Coast to enjoy retirement between the seashore and the redwoods. His published poetry spans the Americas and the oceans, as well as the Internet, having appeared in books and journals (print and digital) in USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, UK, and Australia. Three of his chapbooks were published by moriapoetry and his whole volume is Designs: Blueprints of Floorplans of a Provisional Residence (cyberwit, 2022).