Scott Ferry

-after Aakriti Kuntal

what has swept through
my spleen like gift vomit?

i don’t know how to clean
corrosion off with trust

salt salt a maiden in a costume
a skin less sharp than snow

my radio does not weep
during surgery i can’t

see the savior through the
lights and



jetlag has made my son

vigorously awake for 4 hours
in the middle of the night

as i attempt to lift above the water
he swims all over my surface

and screams when i try to rock
him so i twitch and flutter

on the shore and keep him from
falling off the bed and every

so often i hear him say daddy
as if to check if i am still alive

and i feel wet kisses on my
cheek near my mouth

and i think this is how god
performs cpr this is how

a small love expands like
a breath into every dark place


Scott Ferry helps our Veterans heal as a RN in the Seattle area. He has written 6 books of poetry, the most recent are Skinless in the Cereal Aisle from Impspired and fishmirror from Alien Buddha. You can find more at