Noël Fagerhaugh

she-cyphered—- me me me the cyber-siren poetess calling you to worship and absorb to sacrifice attention attention arousal be my cult cult followers watch me watch me read me read my how to sleep with textual-sexuals verses verses you verses me damn you damn me me me the spells divine entwining limbs akimbo dare you like my panties panties nipples hard so give me give me give your gaze to get my body body of work work work it work me good and hard taste my tits through sighs and watch me me me lifting abstract thighs in theory, grabbing swinging analog ankles to digital sky-high similes for more on how to twist my arm to tangle digits in tendrils of auburn clouds my untamed tresses in messes of altered states to taste the neck of me me me lick my selfie cleavage syrup sweet, always from above in downward angles gives you power perspective to tower tower tower over the deflowered fractal mandala of light that is your your source your force and force me me me on my knees knees knees to crotch-level levitate your at-first-flaccid mind to rigid heights while you you focus on parts not places not hearts nor faces you turn all your retinal rods and cones on rolling pastel hills and valleys the cyberscapes of me me me read me pet me wet me make me pretty please you pretty please me tell me like me read me weep me poems of poems and crime to buy my books my books my looks to help me steal back love for love or search for me me me spread me my pages stroke me my words love me my poems my poems my poems
Noël Fagerhaugh is a former metal worker who now teaches writing and critical thinking at community colleges in Oakland, CA. She proudly admits to having too many hobbies and not enough ambition. Her most recent pursuits are perfume making and playing piano. When not hustling for classes, she hikes the hills around the SF Bay Area. Oh, and she writes poetry.