Lynne Burnett

In Praise of Love Poems

A photo of me fallen asleep in a chair,
mouth open.

Imagine all the love-words ever said
to me from poems read

found that door in the wind
of my last outbreath,

bent on finding new eyes and ears.
Like odd socks

coming home from loveless laundromats

endearments, lines meant for, written
to you and thee,

as much yours and thine now
as I made mine:

slipped over the naked foot of desire—
quickly a thicker second skin

cushioning heel-strikes, moisture-wicking too
with off the cuff humour

in mismatched colours, the toe-hold of a hole
or the dare of an old thread dangling

from a high arch (ring my bell, love puppet!)—
the rhythm of a good fit

slow-dancing my soul until my body felt less
alone, less cold.

Lynne Burnett lives on Vancouver Island. Publications include American Journal of Poetry, Arc Poetry, Blue Heron Review, Calyx Journal, Comstock Review, Crosswinds, CV2, Kissing Dynamite, IthacaLit, Malahat Review, Mockingheart Review, New Millennium Writings, Pedestal Magazine, Ristau, River Styx, Tamsen, Taos Journal of International Poetry & Art, and several anthologies. A Best of the Net and Pushcart nominee, she won the 2016 Lauren K. Alleyne Difficult Fruit Poetry Prize and 2019 Jack Grapes Poetry Prize. She published a chapbook in 2018: IRRESISTIBLE by Lynne Burnett – Finishing Line Press. Visit her at