Kevin Stadt


overgrown lumps of consciousness
bred in spasms
trapped by algorithms
of machinic globules

it hurts all, this
nigh impossible midnight growth, this
ancient mishap howling for
iterations and reiterations and
it spills
sprouts, this
cold mother, this
groping, sightless father

the root of fruitlessness
seeds templates of
ingrown nerves and
imminent canker, it
concocts copies, copies, copies, it
spawns exponential
recipes for hunger and
badly masked hells

Kevin Stadt holds a master’s degree in teaching writing and a doctorate in American literature. He currently teaches writing at Hanyang University. His poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Indefinite Space, Neologism Poetry Journal, and Rust + Moth, among others. He lives in South Korea with his wife and sons, who are interdimensional cyborg pirates wanted in a dozen star systems. You can visit him online at