Norman Cristofoli

Thoughts at 20,000 Feet

Pythagoras my friend, hear me
Oh, that you would raise your calculations
above the clouds
Look down upon our world
like the Gods of Olympus
casting long shadows
of our ingenuity

A miracle you say
Yes, one that started with your thoughts
and grew upon other thoughts
until we captured the lightning of Zeus
and the chariot of Helios

Pythagoras, my friend
Oh that you could see the multitudes below
the transformation of the earth
into geometric shapes of farm and field
into spider webs of passage
and mountains of habitation

Would you marvel at our accomplishments
and look upon us as Gods
Or would you fear us
for we have wrested the power
from your Gods


Norman Cristofoli has published several chapbooks of poetry/prose plus two audio compilations of spoken word. He published the “Labour of Love” literary magazine for over 25 years and was the co-founder the “Coffeehouse” artist networking site. His play “The Pub” and new book of poetry “Relinquishing the Past” were both published in 2020 by CanAmBooks. Website: Relinquishing the Past: The Pub: